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Thriving in a Seller's Paradise: Real Estate Update (8/19 - 8/25)

In the ever-shifting landscape of real estate, market dynamics hold the key to successful transactions. As we traverse the week of August 19th to August 25th, one resounding message echoes: it's a seller's market in San Jose, CA. The tides of change are favoring those looking to sell, and the statistics paint a vivid picture of the advantageous conditions at play.

Sizzling New Listings and Rapid Sales

This week, a total of 110 new residential listings have burst onto the San Jose scene, unveiling an array of possibilities for potential buyers. Amidst this wave of opportunities, a staggering 88 listings have been swiftly snatched up by eager buyers, while another 84 have been placed under the coveted "pending" status. These numbers speak volumes - a clear indicator of a robust seller's market.

The Momentum Persists: 8/24 Update

As of yesterday, the momentum of the seller's market continues to soar. An additional 20 listings have found new owners, and 26 properties are on the cusp of securing deals as they await the final touches on pending status. The real estate landscape is in motion, and those looking to capitalize on these conditions are positioned for success.

Average Sales Price Touches New Heights

In the realm of numbers that matter, the average sales price holds significance. At a remarkable $1.6 million, this week's transactions underscore the value that the San Jose market commands. Such figures underscore the attractiveness of the locale and the demand that's propelling prices skyward.

Rapid Pace: Days on Market in the Spotlight

The most compelling tale, however, lies in the swift pace of sales. The average days on market for residential homes has undergone a transformative journey, plummeting by over 50%. Since January 2023, where homes spent an average of 33 days on the market, we find ourselves in August 2023 with that number significantly reduced to a mere 15 days. This shift is emblematic of a market that's moved from a leisurely stroll to a sprint.

In conclusion, the week of August 19th to August 25th has firmly established itself as a seller's paradise. With a dynamic array of listings, swift transactions, soaring prices, and an undeniable decrease in days on market, the conditions are ripe for sellers to make their mark. As the wheels of the real estate machine turn, those navigating this landscape can be assured that they're operating in a market where opportunities are plentiful and success is the name of the game.

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